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Kellogg's EET and ERN

Transformed Kellogg’s passive Internet presence into high-traffic consumer sites and redefined the company’s strategy on the Internet. In less than six months on the account, catapulted Kellogg past competitors into one of the top 500 visited properties on the Internet with over 680,000 unique visitors per month. Developed and over a dozen online campaigns for Kellogg brands targeting a range of consumers.

Created, the industry's first online loyalty program for kids and chemistri's first CRM project. Developed an online catalog, games and cartoons, and promoted the site via e-mail and banner campaigns. The program generated over 1.2 million members who entered 120 million points in 18 months. It also successfully encouraged loyalty among site members (60% Kellogg share of pantry) vs. non-members (37%).

• Best Online Brand Building, 2001 Revolution Awards
• Best Online Promotion, 2001 Golden Marble Awards

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