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Venetian/Palazzo Grazie “Bet Big, Win Bigger” Monopoly Game

The Venetian and Palazzo are two of the most high-profile casinos on the Las Vegas strip. During the summer, casino traffic hits a lull and gamblers need an extra incentive to visit. The Marketing Store partnered with Hasbro to develop a two-month “Bet Big, Win Bigger” Monopoly sweepstakes. The promotion invited loyal Grazie members to book a room at either hotel, and get started with free slot play. Players could win $50,000, a new car and thousands of other prizes. Every card had a 1 in 4 chance of winning. There were 200,000 game cards printed with an additional 250,000 “starter” game pieces given out by restaurants, shops and street teams near the venue.

The Monopoly program was a huge success, and the casino ran out of game cards two weeks early in the eight week promotion. Grazie members who played the game generated millions in slot play, with a 4% overall increase over the same period the previous year. Nearly 30,000 Grazie members participated, and long lines formed by the Grazie redemption desk that promoted the game. Our direct mail invitation resulted in several thousand room reservations, almost double the standard mailing. Nearly 30% of players said that the promotion encouraged them to play more than usual.

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